Rich Harper, MBA, REALTOR®, had a depth of experience well before his first real estate license in 1978: he rode with his mother, a REALTOR® in St. Louis, MO, since second grade. Rich’s career includes Industrial Sales, Commercial, and Residential.

He was also Chief Financial Officer of an Institutional School Non-Profit with 50 employees. He genuinely enjoys “running the numbers” and he has his MBA as proof. He has owned Investment Properties himself with a portfolio including California, Missouri, and Illinois, where he recently spent time rehabbing a foreclosure. He’s very hands-on and knows potential pitfalls as well as profits, so his counsel and advice is dependable, shaped by experience as well as education.

Rich Harper has previously owned his own Brokerage consistently serving clients in Commercial and Residential Real Estate and has done Office, Industrial, and Investment Properties as a forte. He thoroughly enjoys the service aspect of representing his clients with an emphasis on clear communications and patient negotiations.


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