Darned-If You Do, Darned-If You Don't
September 24, 2014, posted by Barry Burnett


Many investors have painted themselves into a tough corner called a “Darned-If!”—“Darned-If-I-Do, Darned-If-I-Don’t”. You work, slave, plan, and sacrifice to buy Real Estate because it is your financial future. You own good, solid performing properties that make you enough to live on. And yet…

Your property makes money but requires you to sacrifice much of your free time. That’s a “Darned-If”. A trusted tenant leaves or passes away and you need to find a reliable replacement fast. That’s a “Darned-If”. You look to sell your property but find out the taxes will eat all your dreams with it. That’s a definite “Darned-If”. You hired a management firm to keep your cash coming in and property maintained but now they’re stripping away all those objectives by costing you big monthly fees for little maintenance. But to take it back over would damage your lifestyle or health. That’s a MAJOR “Darned-If”!

So, where do you turn? Your Trusted Advisors may be retiring around you. Maybe their firms are no longer around or they merged into a hated firm. In other words, you spent years building with people who are no longer there for you. Or—even worse—you never put together a team to handle your issues when you get into a jam. So what do you do when faced with a “Darned-If” situation? Scramble? Find referrals? Call your brother-in-law?

The first thing: don’t panic! Which can be hard when you think you’re up to your neck in it. When you’re calm, you can start searching with an unbiased eye for your next set of Trusted Advisors that specialize in your type of Investment Property. As a Trusted Advisor who has worked with thousands of clients over 40 years, you can always give me a call should you find yourself in a “Darned-If” situation.

It is important for Entrepreneurial Investors like yourself to find Trusted Advisors like me that can protect you from as many potential “Darned-If” situations as possible. And make sure that you have a backup plan for when those advisors are no longer able to offer you the unbiased advice you deserve.

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